Ten year Warranty Statement

Red Smoke Alarms is the only brand of smoke alarms with a 10 year full parts and labour warranty.

Supported by a national network of Service/Warranty Agents ready to swing into action In the rare event that you ever have a faulty alarm.

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Why you need Smoke Alarm Controller

Why you should not upgrade the smoke alarms in a property without including the Smoke Alarm Controller.When upgraded to meet the new Queensland legislation, most properties will have between 4-6 interconnected smoke alarms – if one goes off, they all go off – an incredibly loud and annoying experience.

What does a tenant do when this happens?

With the Smoke Alarm Controller, there is no need for the tenant to put up with the incredibly loud noise, no need to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarm is causing the problem, no need to get on a ladder – the alarms can be silenced from the one wall mounted switch. This will result in less maintenance calls to you (often in the middle of the night), less stress for your tenants and less cost for your owners. Tenants won’t need to break a smoke alarm to stop it going off, saving replacement costs.

No property should have their smoke alarms upgraded and interconnected without including the Smoke Alarm Controller.