To make your new 240v alarm QLD compliant all alarms must be interconnecting with all units. The Mounting base must be added to the 240v alarms to make it connect with other 240v alarms or wireless 10 year battery alarms.

Key Information

  • Product brand Red Smoke Alarms
  • Product or component Mounting Base
  • Device application Mounting
  • Colour White (RAL 9003)
  • Quantity per set Set of 1
  • Type of packing Carton

[US] rated supply voltage

220...240 V AC

[le] rated operational current

40mA maximum

Battery Type

Sealed rechargeabe

Battery life

10 Year

Transmission Frequency

433.92 MHz

Number of device

Interconnect 40pcs smoke alarm (wired or wireless interconnected)

Operating Distance

30m indoor use line of sight

100m in free field

Remote control type

Only with wireless remote control switch with max 30m

Time delay range

2 min for pairing

Connections - Terminals

For live: Screw terminal with 2 x 15mm2 wiring capacity

For neutral: Screw terminal with 2 x 1.5 mm2 wiring capacity

For earth loop: Screw terminal with 2 x 15mm2 wiring capacity

For interconnect: Screw terminal with 2 x 15mm2 wiring capacity

Local Signally

1 red LED flashing once every 10s for low battery

Type of installation



140 mm


55 mm


Ambient air temperature for operation


Relative humidity



AS 4268

Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status

Not Green Premium Product