Red Smoke Alarm Installation Prices

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All interconnecting alarms meet the new QLD compliant AS3786:2014 Standards

Buy Quality Smoke Alarms to protect your family!

Photelectric Interconnecting Wireless Smoke Alarms have a 10 Years Warranty. We also offer free servicing until Dec 2021 for all rental properties.


No wiring, No electrician, no base unit needed & has a rechargeable internal 10-year battery. All interconnecting with all other 240v units that have a base unit.

The best invention in smoke alarms since the smoke alarm. Control all your alarms by one press of a button. Watch TV Ad

Designed for houses and all rental properties.

Controller can be installed on each floor or in multiple rooms to instantly silence alarms that are going off, locate which alarm is false alarming
and allow tenants to deal with false alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall.

Do you have any 240v hardwired smoke alarm already on your property?

If the answer is yes, they must be replaced by a 240v interconnecting photoelectric smoke alarm to be compliant with the new QLD legislation AS3786:2014 Standards.
You have two choices, 240v 9v battery (red box) or 240v Rechargeable battery (blue box)

Model: R240
R240RC 240v 10 year 9V battery
With RWB base

This unit has a 9 v battery & will need to be replaced when low or needed.
Please read manufacturing guidelines & QLD Fire Legislation AS3786:2014 requirements with regards to replacing smoke alarm batteries.
R240 will interconnect with all other 240v units when installed with a base unit (RWB) and R10RF wireless units.

Model: R240RC
R240RC 240v 10 year rechargeable battery

No need to change battery for 10 years.

All interconnecting with all other wireless R10RF units.

R240 will interconnect with all other 240v units when installed with a baseunit (RWB) and R10RF wireless units.

Model: RWB (Wireless Base)
RWB Wireless Interconnecting Base Unit is suitable for use with Red Smoke Alarms R240RC & R240

The base unit is needed to be added to 240v rechargeable or 240v 9v battery units to make them interconnecting with all other wireless units.
Remember 240v must be replaced by 240v when upgrading your alarms to the new QLD new legislation.

Model: R9
9v Battery Stand-alone Smoke Alarm 9 v battery included
Model: R10
10 Year Lithium Battery- Never need to change the battery

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Photoelectric, Surface Mount, 230V Rechargeable Battery Power
Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Photoelectric, 3V Sealed Battery
Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Photoelectric, 9VBattery, Display

Why we use Red Smoke Alarms

Red Smoke Alarms Quality Control.

Red smoke alarms have been designed to be of the highest quality with outstanding reliability. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art smoke alarm manufacturing facility-quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our manufacturing facility has been supplying the Australian market for more than 20 years and is certified by UL Laboratories- one of the world’s largest testing and certifying companies.

Every Red smoke alarm has to pass countless quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the Red Smoke Alarms are the most reliable functional smoke alarm in Australia. Quite simply – Red smoke alarms are Australia’s best smoke alarms.

Red smoke alarms are quite simply- Australia’s best smoke alarms.

A genuine alternative to Clipsal, PSA, Brooks and the cheap imports, Red in the only brand of smoke alarms in Australia that come with a 10 Year warranty across the entire range. Red Smoke alarms are photelectric, of the highest quality and certified to Australian Standard 3786:2014. Red smoke alarms are perfect to meet the new Queensland smoke alarm laws.