Why you need new Smoke Alarms!


If you are a landlord or homeowner you will need to replace your alarms. This is due to the new QLD Legislation.

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  • Newly built or significantly renovated properties from Jan 2017
  • All alarms must be replaced after 10 years or no manufacture date from 2017
  • Existing hardwired alarms must be replaced with hardwired alarms from 2017
  • Alarms must be photoelectric from 2017

2022 Rental Properties

  • Rental properties or if you wish to selling your property from Jan 2022
  • All alarms must be Photoelectric and Interconnecting from 2022.

2027 Owner Occupiers

  • All domestic existing dwellings for owners/occupiers from Jan 2027
  • Alarms must be Photoelectric and Interconnecting from 2027

Smoke alarms must be installed on each story

  • In each bedroom; and
  • In hallways which connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling; or
  • If there is no hallway, between the bedrooms and other parts of the storey; and
  • If there are no bedrooms on a storey at least one smoke alarms must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.

Did you know that all smoke alarms must be either hardwired or powered by a non-removable 10 year battery, or a combination of both may be allowed

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